DPI has been awarded by ACLASS on F prEN71-3:2013

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We are pleased to announce that DPI Laboratory (DongGuan) Limited has been granted accreditation on Chemical Testing of F pr EN71:2013 for Toys and Children’s products from ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ACLASS) .


The New Toy Safety Standard 19 Soluble Heavy Metal Requirement

New Chemical Requirements (19 Heavy Soluble Heavy Metal) of Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC which will come into effect on 20 July 2013. Manufacturers or importers are required to comply with the new requirements.
Our efficient team provides the shortest wet chemical testing lead time in 3 Working Days (Reg) to assist you in solving the compliance matter.
Benefit from our ACLASS accredited toy testing services with accurate and reliable results, we can help ensuring your toys and children’s products comply with international standards and increase your competitiveness in the market. Together with the MRA of ILAC, our accredited testing services could be recognized by more than 70 economies.
* For the full scope of our accreditations, please refer to ACLASSS directory of accredited laboratories at ACLASS website.(Certification No.ACT-1399)